Free 10+ Apa Reference Page Format – Example & Sample [Word & PDF]

There are several formats of writing the documents or documents citation, which is used as per their own requirements. APA format which stands for the American psychological association is one of those formats, which is used when writing or citing the sources in the domain of psychology and social science.

This document has become very popular in the present scenario due to its wide usages. Here we are going to discuss the APA format and the reference sources in its various contexts.

How To Write APA Reference Page

Well, in the reference section of the APA page format one has to link all the sources, which have been included by the user in the main written APA format of the page. The reference page section of the APA page has been specifically designed for the reader of the format so that the reader can find all the relevant sources of information in one particular section as has been provided by the writer of the format.

We know that the APA format is mandatory to be adopted if you are going to write the exam of the psychology or the social science, and since you are writing an exam hence you might need their providing or attaching some sources of the information in the exam format.

This is the reason why the reference section has been separately given in the APA format so that the examiner or any other reader can easily trace and check the piece of sources included in it.

Sample APA Reference Page Format

As we have already discussed the importance of the APA reference section in the APA format of writing, and this section is significant to the extent that without it the APA format or the style of writing can’t be considered as completed. This is the reason why the reference page section is an integral part of the APA writing format.

Sample APA Reference Page Format

A sample of the APA reference page format can give you an insight or idea, as to how this APA reference format should be designed, and how the reference should be inserted in this section by the writer.

The reference section of the APA format should be designed in such a way that it should be placed in the center of the APA page format, and should contain both the upper and the lower case.

While entering the sources of references in the reference section keep in mind that the entries should be having double space so that the reader can read the references easily. The hanging indent format is considered best for the reference section hence you must use this format for the reference section.

APA Reference Page Example Format

APA Reference Page Example Format

Many of the APA format users who are writing in this format for the very first time wonder that how can they use the APA reference page in the right way, and that’s when they need the example of this APA reference page format.

We know that APA format is mandatory to be used in the psychology, and the social science educational subjects writing, and even if you are taking the exams in these subjects then in that case also you will need the APA format.

Here we are attaching the example format of the APA reference page so that you can have a look of it and prepare your own reference section to be used in the APA format writing.

Free APA Reference Page Word

APA Reference Page Word 

MS Word is one such software of processing the words into the various formats, and for this reason, MS Word is used as one of the best office software to create the various kinds of the formal documents.

In MS Word you will see the three most used formats of writing the documents which are MLA, APA and the Chicago style and among these APA is the one top used format while writing the documents based in the subject of social science and the psychology.

You can easily change the writing format in MS Word from the default to the APA format. In order to it you just need to go to the reference tab, and there you will see the style option click on it, and then choose the APA style of writing. Now the writing format will be changed to the APA format or style of writing.

APA Reference Page Generator

In the present scenario, the APA format has become a very sophisticated format, which is being used in the writing domain of social science and the psychology subjects. No matter whether you are writing a book in these subjects or you are taking an exam the APA format is must be used in both the domain.

APA Reference Page Generator

Now since the APA format has become a very common format, which is being used on a very wide scale, seeing this scenario there are many word processing software which has started generating the APA format or APA reference page.

You can easily use these word processing software to easily generate the APA format reference page and then can use to adding the source of reference that you are going to use in the main document of the APA format.